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Jun 7'08 ATP Major David Ngene, Jr. 2023 WCAS Convocation Speaker
Dec 9MFA alums in Ground Floor 2022 at HPAC
Nov 15MFA '21 Katherine Simóne Reynolds Awarded Graham Foundation Fellowship
Aug 16MFA '16 Max Guy solo show at The Renaissance Society
May 31MFA '11 HAIG AIVAZIAN IN 2022 Berlin Biennial
May 18MFA '20 Cindy Phenix featured on Art21
Apr 8MFA '12 Angelo Madsen Minax Awarded 2022 Guggenheim Fellowship
Apr 8MFA '20 Kayla Anderson screens at Onion City Film Festival, wins prize
Mar 8MFA Alum Chris Cosnowski added to Engage Projects
Mar 8MFA '16 Lilli Carré at Western Exhibitions
Mar 7MFA '21 Shabtai Pinchevsky at Space 11
Nov 29MFA' 20 Kayla Anderson screens work at Nightingale Cinema
Nov 8MFA '11 Haig Aivazian in 2021 New Museum Triennial
Sep 13MFA '20 Lauren Wy at Western Exhibitions
Jul 6MFA '19 Hyun Jung Jun at Goldfinch Gallery
May 8MFA '18 Kandis Friesen's solo exhibition at articule in Tiohtià:ke / Mooniyang / Montréal
Apr 28MFA '20 Alex Bradley Cohen in residency at Compound Yellow
Mar 31MFA Alumni featured in Newcity's 2021 Breakout Artist Issue
Feb 22MFA '20 Kayla Anderson in Ground Floor Exhibition at Hyde Park Art Center
Jan 6MFA '11 Haig Aivazian Screening and artist Talk at the Renaissance Society
Jan 3MFA '20 Lauren Wy featured in the drawing biennial
Dec 11ATP Alum Chris Cosnowski at Glow Exhibitions
Dec 8ATP Alums Erin Hayden and Max Guy Show at Heaven Gallery
Nov 24While we're at it: 2020 MFA Thesis Exhibition
Nov 23ATP MFA Alum, Curtis Bozif, Exhibiting at Oliva Gallery
Nov 19ATP Major '14 Ethan McGinnis Completes MFA at UC Irvine
Jul 28ATP Faculty and Alum are the 2020 Chicago Artadia Awardees
Jun 4ATP Alum Curtis Anthony Bozif at Indianapolis Art Center and Bridgeport Art Center
Feb 26Curtis Anthony Bozif at Arc Gallery
Feb 4ATP Alum Featured in NY Times "What to See Right Now"
Dec 7Soft Synth + Bright Bound. Angela Lopez at Napoleon
Oct 15Accumulations, Curtis Anthony Bozif at St. Louis Community College
Oct 5Feminism and Magical Thinking, Monica Beasley at Mobile Museum of Art
Sep 22Bodies of Water, Angela Lopez at Woman's Club/Roman Susan
Sep 9Ground Floor at Hyde Park Art Center
Sep 9Untitled (How Does It Feel), Esau McGhee at Goldfinch
Aug 30Might and Main, Chris Cosnowski at Dolby Chadwick Gallery
Jul 21Overlap, Curtis Anthony Bozif at The Saw Room, Alley Gallery
Jul 18SHKODAR Lake, Helidon Gjergji at National Museum of Montenegro
Jul 12Philadelphia’s ICA Names James E. Britt Jr. Director of Public Engagement
Jun 7From Underfoot: Breaking Through Surface and Ground, Caroline Carlsmith at Blue Star Contemporary
Jun 4Kentaro Kumanomido selected for EMARE Residency
May 15LANDLINE, Robert Heishman
Mar 31Panther Blinded by Shotgun, Craig Neeson at Wedge Projects
Feb 3"Lyric" by Danny Giles
Jan 29Erin Hayden's "Hold me" Exhibition
Nov 30"Constructed Environments" by Steve Nyktas
Nov 4John Sabraw "Unearthed Topographies" at McCormick Gallery
Oct 15Copycat Killer, Matt Morris at Julius Caesar
Oct 2Death like Magic, Angela Lopez at Arts & Science Gallery, Indiana University Northwest
Sep 30Terrain Biennial, Matt Morris at 705 S Harvey
Sep 30Terrain Biennial, Amanda Bowles and Erin Hayden at Enos Park, Springfield
Sep 22Athletic Daughter Cells, David Sprecher at Prairie
Sep 22Athletic Daughter Cells, David Sprecher at Prairie
Sep 9Salves, Lilli Carré at Western Exhibitions
Sep 8Let Me Be An Object That Screams, Matt Morris at Gallery 400
Sep 8Extended Practice, collaborative project co-founded by Angela Lopez
Aug 6Front & Center, Hyde Park Art Center
May 12Remembrancer Project Space installation by Daniel Giles
May 12HB no 6 / HORS PAGE
May 11Property at Rogers Park/West Ridge Historical Society
May 11Lauren Pond Wins 2016 First Book Prize
May 11Ötzi
May 5Jessie Mott: A Wish to Repair
May 5Erin Hayden: Your Hyperbole Could Be a Screensaver
Nov 112016 Eyeworks Festival of Experimental Animation,
Nov 3Below the Belt, McIntosh Gallery, University of Western Ontario,
Oct 28A Burnt Marshmallow Dropped in the Dirt,
Sep 10Steven Scheidt and Ryan Scheidt at MANIFOLD
Aug 9Three Alumni featured in Ground Floor exhibition at Hyde Park Art Center
Aug 8Alumnus Rambod Vala named as 2015 Luminart Fellow
Aug 7Dear Stuff (or The Small Stupa of Letting Go) - Terrain Exhibitions, Chicago
Jul 15The Whale That Was a Submarine - Ludwig Museum, Budapest
Apr 28Newcity Names Alumnua Lilli Carré one of Chicago's Breakout Artists for 2016