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Might and Main, Chris Cosnowski at Dolby Chadwick Gallery

"Cosnowski’s paintings are whimsical explorations of the conflicted soul of our pop culture. His toys, trophies, models and other Americana transport us into a world that’s both playful and haunting, sacred and silly, minimal and complex. Many of his figures seemed to have jumped right out of a nostalgic childhood dream. Fisher Price Little People smile at us with their round faces; primary color toy planes circle the sky; and trophies remind us of past glory and success. But there is something uneasy about them. The spray-plated plastic trophies look hollow and cheap; the toy people—often suspended dead center in the middle of the painting—appear isolated, lonely. Each is painted with a heartrendingly loving hyper-realism, yet set against an empty, monochromatic background which turns them into objects of an abstract world. "