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Front & Center, Hyde Park Art Center

"Front & Center is the culminating show from Hyde Park Art Center's Professional Development offering, Center Program, offering the unique opportunity over six months for artists to evolve their practice. The program includes feedback from guest artists, gallerists, critics, and professionals in the field, and the opportunity to connect with a peer network, and ultimately produce strong new work to show.

The 2017 class of Center Program artists includes alumni Angela Lopez and Rambod Vala, and also Bambi Breakstone, Dawn Brennan, Lauren Carter, Luis DeLaTorre, Angela Dieffenbach, Carlos Flores, Nico Gardner, Silvia Gonzalez, Manal Kara, Soohyun Kim, Bobbi Meier, John Metido, Judith Mullen, Abhishek Narula, Grace Needlman, Katherine Nemanich, Connie Noyes, Yoonshin Park, Olivia Petrides, Mary Porterfield, Megan Stroech, Leonard Suryajaya, and Miakka Wood. "