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SHKODAR Lake, Helidon Gjergji at National Museum of Montenegro


Curated by Ana Ivanovic
Director of the Art Museum: Mirjana Dabovic

The exhibition draws from the ecosystem of Shkoder/Skadar Lake as an inseparable geographical body of water that in one hand becomes a trope of further future cultural, political and ecological interconnectivity, collaboration and hope, and on the other hand is also the background of past multiple conflicting versions of history, as well as a natural amphitheater that exposes the contemporary dangerous that we face from unchecked overblown levels of consumerism, greed and lack of respect for nature.

National Museum of Montenegro
Venue: Gallery Atelier DADO, Court Piazza Cetinje

Opening: July 18th at 8 pm. The exhibition will run until September 5th, 2018