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Each year graduating A,T,P, Majors display their culminating work in a thesis exhibition, held in the Dittmar Gallery located at the Norris University Center.




ART, THEORY, PRACTICE, is a studio program, meaning we focus on art-making. We lead our majors into developing their individual practices (ways of working, individual voices, body of work) within an environment of rigorous critical thinking. A major can lead, of course, to pursuing a career as an artist, but the skills and knowledge gained can also be the ideal training for a variety of careers, including design, project management, curatorial and museum work. Learning is an action process, and art-making allows students to take action, to do things, to make mistakes, explore and search for answers, to discover how a thing or action might contain meaning or be meaningful, to develop higher level cognitive skills involving the use of many different symbol systems (verbal, mathematical, visual, auditory, kinesthetic). Art-making encourages a suppleness of mind and the ability to act both autonomously and as part of a group.


We realize how difficult it is for students to get into our undergraduate classes, but we encourage you to try. Every quarter, although our classes start off full, students drop out and we end the quarter under-enrolled. Here's what you do:

1. sign up for the wait list on CAESAR
2. go to the first class (no matter how long the wait list) and speak with the instructor.

If you have any questions, please contact Matt Martin.