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A,T,P, degree candidates must complete the following requirements to earn an MFA at Northwestern University: 5-6 independent study courses, 2 A,T,P, seminars , 5 additional  A,T,P, courses and 3 electives.


During the course of their residency, graduate students engage with a variety of A,T,P, graduate faculty by being assigned 5-6 independent studies (these causes carry the 499 number designation). Each term, students are assigned a different faculty adviser to mentor their research. Students may also arrange meetings with any member of the graduate faculty beyond their assigned independent study advisor.


Any 300 or 400 level seminar within the department may be used to fulfill the 2 seminar degree requirements as well as any 300 level (these must be approved by the Graduate School) or 400 level course in the Department of Art History. Some seminar courses offered by other departments may also qualify. A list of courses approved for graduate credit can be found on the Graduate School web site. For any questions, please consult with the Director of Graduate Studies, Lane Relyea.


To fulfill the requirement of 5 additional A,T,P, courses at 300 or 400 level students may take the following course designations multiple times: 422 Studio Art, 423 Thesis Practicum and 425 Special Problems. 423 Thesis Practicum is the only exception and must be taken in the second year of graduate course work. For any questions, please consult with the Director of Graduate Studies, Lane Relyea.


The  3 elective requirements can be fulfilled within A,T,P, or in any other department at Northwestern. However, only 300 and 400 level classes can be used to fulfill graduate degree requirements. Under special circumstances, these requirements can be modified at the discretion of the Director of Graduate Studies and the Department Chair.