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Afterimage Screening

"Our protagonist is sitting in front of a Retina display; her retina is capturing the fleeting pixels. All thepixels put together create a single image imprisoned in a frame: TV, laptop, camera display. Oneimage follows another, demonstrating the passing of time. In Afterimage, words comment on imagesand music comments on images. Only rarely do images comment on images.
After exposing her retina to the bright light of the screen, it becomes light-adapted. Light adaptationcreates an afterimage. The afterimage is stuck behind the retina and it blocks the sight — blinds — ordetracts the eye from reality. This afterimage is sometimes mystical, familiar, exhausting, exuberant,disturbing or comforting, but it is always mesmerizing."

"Afterimage" will be screened on April 10th at Araan Art Gallery in Tehran as part of the 7th LimitedAccess Festival.

Rambod Vala curated a screening of works by: Lilli Carré, Jon Cates, Kevin B. Lee, Jesse McLean, Ben Podell, Steve
, Michael Robinson, John Smith, Yuan Zheng

Shahab Tondar