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Post Post Studio,

Reconsidering Sites of Artistic Production & Intervention. Panelists: Amy Adler, Conrad Bakker, Michelle Grabner, Gareth James & Dave McKenzie; moderated by Lane Relyea. Often readymade and site-specific, produced on the grounds of and in collaboration with some sponsoring institution, post-studio has become such a dominant approach that questions have been leveled at its presumed status as inherently critical and progressive. Has post-studio art developed too complimentary a relationship with a much expanded institutional art world, replacing criticality with affirmation? Is it time to rethink the strategic possibilities of the studio, as holding out the potential for reclaiming some critical vantage? Could it be that such critical distance only owes to the fact that the studio has been rendered increasingly obsolete, now that value and authority reside more in information than in objects, in circulations than in sites, and now that production and exhibition, private and public no longer correspond to physical spaces and states but are increasingly defined within disembodied, virtual realms? Have we entered a post-post-studio age?