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Iman Raad,

Iman Raad is a Brooklyn-based visual artist, designer, and educator. Across his diverse work, Raad brings together a sweeping reimagining of traditional Persian art amidst the interruption of images and narratives in the internet era. Oscillating between disparate areas of knowledge, Raad references a culture indexically rooted within his thoughts. Curiosity is given a place to breathe. Images are fractured or incomplete. Moments from different art histories are filtered into a language of comfort and contented longing; a repetition of imagery and color whose intention is to keep you in a disturbed reality.  

Through this prism of layers and colors, Raad has found a necessary platform to touch on both the complexities and beauty of cross cultural expression today. Aside from visual art, Raad is also an internationally acknowledged graphic designer–representing the contemporary Persian design and typography movement.,