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Anna Boghiguian,

Anna Boghiguian’s (b. 1946, Cairo) raw and expressionistic works combine painting, drawing, writing, collage, and sculpture to contemplate the past and present through intersections of economics, philosophy, literature, and myth. Since the 1970s, Boghiguian has travelled continuously, and her work has charted her impressions and observations of various societies, as well as her experiences of non-belonging as a foreigner and outsider. In Boghiguian’s work, the palimpsest of memory takes physical form as a rough accumulation that thickens the surface of her paintings with encaustic, pigment, steel, collage and non-specific debris.

Recent and forthcoming solo exhibitions: Anna Boghiguian, Tate St. Ives, UK (2019); The Loom of History, New Museum, New York, USA (2018); Anna Boghiguian, Bait Al Serkal, Sharjah Arts Square, Sharjah, UAE (2018); Anna Boghiguian, Castello di Rivoli, Rivoli, Italy (2017); Cities by the Rivers, SBC Gallery of Contemporary Art, Montreal, Canada (2015); Anna Boghiguian, I heard of myths but I understood I have to free myself from it but how, when, and where, Sfeir-Semler Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon (2014).