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This course addresses various problems in painting and introduces students to modes of visual thinking. Work will be done in a two-dimensional format using oil paint on a gesso-prepared ground on a canvas support. The focus is on acquiring the basic material and technical skills necessary to articulate visual ideas in oil paint, including how to organize compositions using color and value relationships, form and shape, placement and paint application. Although most exercises deal with problems in painting, considerable work in drawing may be required to support studies in the use of color and paint. Assignments may introduce students to a variety of subject matter, such as still life, landscape and the figure in representational and abstract form. Instruction is individualized and students and faculty participate in one-on-one discussions of works in progress. Students also participate in class discussions and critiques to develop the criteria for making their own judgments about works of visual art. Evaluation is based on the degree of growth, attendance, participation and the degree of mastery of painting materials and techniques.

No prerequisites. P/N permitted.